Smoothie Criminal

Dressed for speed and comfort, there’s nothing like a green smoothie to fill you with nutrition and leave you bouncing through the day. Packed with everything but the kitchen sink, these drinks will have you wanting to try all the flavours like a kid in a candy shop.  They are also a smart (and sneaky!) means of giving greens and fruits to kids.

So what’s the big deal? Why are green smoothies so good for you?

Leafy green and fruits have a truck load of micronutrients which are awesome for our body. Greens for example are great source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and even essential amino acids. They contain minerals like calcium, magnesium and body-friendly iron as well as major nutrients like vitamin C. They also naturally contain carotenoids and folate which protects us against heart disease and cancer.

“But I eat salad!” you may say … but is that really enough?  Years ago we spent a longer time at the dinner table and made the effort to chew our food thoroughly. With our modern ultra-busy lifestyles it is easy to rush through our meals as if we are rushing to another meeting.

Green smoothie to the rescue!

The real power of leafy greens occurs when the cellular walls of the plants are broken down to release the nutrients from their dense cellulose containers – the cells. By blending leafy greens with a variety of fruits (think banana and berries!) the sweet and yummy fruit overtakes any bitter taste in the greens, making them a great and convenient way to get your recommended servings of fruit and veg each day.

Yum! How easy is that?

Variety is the spice of life and smoothies are the variety champions. No two are alike, and the sky is the limit … from banana to kale, from berry to apple, just adds some nuts and seeds and set your body on a natural high. Be adventurous and add dates, raw cacao powder, pea and rice protein powder and give your taste buds a healthy treat!

Big bonus. Instead of the temporary highs of sugar and coffee you’ll get a real boost to power up your day.

The VegPledge Challenge – Drink a green smoothie each day for a week – try a different blend for added vim.  You are welcome to share your ingredients and smoothie with us through social media tagging #Vegpledge.

Are you up for it?

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