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VegPledge_Icon_ShopLocal_ColourHow green is your plate?

How far has your food travelled to be on your plate?
The further it has travelled, the bigger the carbon footprint.

When food travels around the world, the food is not picked when it is ripe. It’s shipped prematurely, allowing it to ripen along the way. This means the all-important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are depleted. In some countries, like France, people protest in the streets if the food quality is dropped. It’s about keeping the farmers honest.

Nor is it rewarding our own farmers here in Australia. By shopping locally, we are nurturing home-grown talent. Also, we don’t know if overseas growers are being treated ethically or what they are spraying on their crops. Unlike the corporate grower, who will never meet the eater face to face, buying directly from the local farmer is an incentive for them to provide high-quality produce.

The good news is that shopping patterns are changing. More people are buying their weekly food from weekend organic market stalls, while organic food home delivery is becoming more popular.

One interesting business is Ooooby – “Out of our own back yard”. This enterprise encourages local farming in urban areas.

The VegPledge Challenge – Find a local grocer and buy your weekly groceries from them.
You are welcome to share your produce pics with us through social media tagging #Vegpledge.

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