Whole Day WholeFoods

VegPledge_Icon_WholedayWholefoods_Colour‘You are what you eat’ they say – but then what happened to our food system?

To make our life easy, we have moved to eating more and more processed food. Then the food scientists came up with clever tactics for us to crave the junk food – some call it Bliss Point.

The bliss point is exact point of salt, sugar, fats and sometimes crunch to make us crave for the crisps or chocolate. It’s like a drug! While these are calorie rich, they lack nutrients are body needs. So our bodies get bigger, we feel hungrier and we get sicker. Ouch!

Most of us didn’t have chance against these tactics, until now!

Whole day of whole foods is about eating foods as close to its natural state as possible. Steps like this:

  • Choosing 100% wholegrain, whenever possible.
  • Eating lots of fresh fruit & vegetable and using this in your cooking.
  • Include beans & pulses in your meals.
  • Snacking on nuts and fruit
  • Eat fewer convenience and processed foods.
  • For fluids, drink water and natural things like water, coconut water, green tea(iced or hot), fresh fruit juice etc.

Focussing on wholefoods will help bring your body back to healthy weight maintenance, reduce your chance of developing heart disease, lower your risk of diabetes and give you the opportunity to reverse many lifestyle diseases. Best of all, you can eat more feel better and get into shape. Boom!

The VegPledge Challenge: For one whole day take in Wholefoods for every mouth watering bite.  You are welcome to share your plate with us through social media tagging #Vegpledge.

Are you up for it?

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