Veg Out @ Work


In Aussie lingo, we love to “veg out” or relax. While we don’t mean for you to slack at your job, why not get a bunch of work friends and enjoy a veg meal together?

Australian offices are so multicultural. This gives an opportunity to experience the vast smorgasbord of tasty plant-based options available.

The last thing you want is to feel bloated when you have deadlines to meet. By choosing scrumptious and nutritious veg food for lunch in the office you will sail through the day. Keep your brain buzzing and your stomach purring!


The VegPledge Challenge –

There are two options for the Veg Out @ Work

Option A – Host a Veg Out @ Work in the office and ask your colleagues to prepare some plant-based dishes. If they feel reluctant you can always find a cafe or restaurant near you. Check out Happy Cow. The dishes have to be fully plant-based, no cheating (wink!).

Option B – Host a Veg Out @ Work at a restaurant near you. With a growing list of plant-based restaurants and cafes, you can find one close to you. Check out Happy Cow to find your nearest one.

You are welcome to share your plate with us through social media tagging #Vegpledge.

Are you up for it?

Click here to check out the Veg Rewards on offer!

Warning – Side effects will include feeling a whole lot better, learning about different cultures and the amazing variety of superfoods from each region of the world. Oh yeah, and we save the planet. Boom!