Veg In with Friends


Aussies love to watch cooking programs on TV, like Masterchef.

We think you can be your very own masterchef when you Veg In with Friends.

Impress your friends! Show them what culinary feats you can achieve with beautiful fresh produce straight from the earth. Send them home wanting to eat more great veg recipes and, who knows, they may even experiment for themselves.  If they have never met quinoa, zucchini, lentils, tofu or tempeh before, this is your chance to get them acquainted!

Sometimes it’s more fun to do the group thing.

Instead of preparing food yourself, share the frolicking food fun!

People who live the happiest and longest lives all spend a lot of time with friends which involves food. From growing, shopping, preparing, cooking and eating … oh, we love the eating!

The VegPledge Challenge – Get together with friends, cook and share your favourite vegan dishes. You are welcome to share your plate with us through social media tagging #Vegpledge.

Are you up for it?

Click here to check out the Veg Rewards on offer!