Eat Organic

VegPledge_Icon_EatOrganic_ColourSupport your local organic food sellers and enjoy food that is grown naturally with minimal impact on the environment. It’s mighty delicious, to boot!

Organic farms don’t release synthetic pesticides into the environment, they’re better at sustaining diverse eco-systems, use less energy and produce less waste.

So what’s with the latest trend in being organic? Is it just a fad for the affluent few? Read on!

At V Stars, we look at everything related with food from the ground to your gut. That’s why organic is a key part of VegPledge.

Going vegan is just part of the journey. When toxic chemicals are used in the soil and chemicals are sprayed on vegetables and fruits to make them last longer we are ingesting more than nature intended. These toxins can build up in our body and lead to allergies, auto-immune diseases and other chronic conditions.

Why wait until we get sick? Let’s devour more organic and feel great!

We give a big high five to the parents who are making sure we make better food choices. In Australia groups like Madge and, in the USA, Moms Across America who are keeping both governments and corporations accountable for the quality of the food they produce and sell.

What is organic?

  • Free of chemical pesticides and fertilisers
  • Free of genetically modified crops
  • Not irradiated

The VegPledge Challenge – Go the big step by trying organic for one week. You are welcome to share your plate with us through social media tagging #Vegpledge.

Are you up for it?

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